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Letter: School zone violations

Something wicked is afoot in Eagle County. A group has been disturbing the Eagle County School Board to “protest” public health orders and vaccines in schools. They have a slate of candidates. You can’t miss their well-funded campaigns. Much more money than is common is being spent on signage for school board races. This is not being funded out of candidates’ pockets as in the past.

Some candidates touting “transparency” are being anything but up-front. School board candidates may be people you’ve never heard of before, or be a little slippery about their backgrounds, but if you look closely enough at flyers and candidate profiles, things like “the divine right of parents” slip out. It is common in some places for school boards to be politicized with candidates groomed by parties, running as a steppingstone to higher political office, but that is not how it has worked here. Our students, teachers and communities benefit from a history of school board candidates being known citizens genuinely wanting to “step up” to learn the responsibility of helping kids and their communities. It is no place for single-issue candidates.

New factors are at play. These are not people who have a general interest in the nuts and bolts work bettering of our schools for every child in the valley, these are folks with a national cultural agenda. Vaccines in schools were accepted as commonplace and necessary after a lengthy series of medical advances in the last century. There is a national push by wealthy backers from one side of the political spectrum to weaponize school boards for other purposes. This is an important role with real work to do. Lets’ leave those politics to the federal level, please.

As the father of two Eagle County Schools graduates, I know that Eagle County Schools would not be as strong had boards been mired in culture wars, debates over curriculum, and scoring political points for the next campaign — that looks to be where we are headed unless voters are vigilant.

Jon Stavney

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