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Letter: Seibert and Davis for Vail Town Council

I’m the owner of Sweet Basil and Mountain Standard restaurants in Vail, and I am writing this letter on behalf of Barry Davis and Pete Seibert, two individuals who I believe deserve serious consideration for seats on the Vail Town Council at the upcoming elections. Both of these gentlemen have been in Vail long enough to appreciate the legacy of Vail’s greatness as well as the significant challenges that we face if we want to continue to build on that greatness.

Barry has proven his commitment in serving on a number of boards in service of our community. His comments are always well-considered and thoughtful, and I have always held his opinions, perspective and intelligence in high regard. Pete is a genuine individual, and if anyone has a deeper love for our valley and town, I’m not sure who it is. Both are businessmen who understand the challenges and realities of doing business in Vail, while also understanding the importance of protecting the wonderful and unique nature of this terrific place we all get to call home.

We should consider ourselves fortunate that we have citizens such as Barry and Pete willing to step forward to help in the stewardship of the town of Vail in the years to come.    

Matt Morgan


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