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Letter: Seriously, Forest Service?

To White River National Forest officials: It’s hard to believe that you went ahead and approved the paving of Berry Creek road (aka Berlaimont) against overwhelming objections from multitudes of locals, several previous Forest Service officials, wildlife experts, and  environmentalists, not to mention the countless number of names on many petitions submitted to you. I thought you were supposed to be guardians of our forests looking out for us and our precious forests and wildlife.

Have you now set precedent for future developers in this area? Will developers assume that “reasonable access” now means they have the right to pave a road to any of their remote parcels through our national forests?  This is not a rhetorical question. I would like to hear an answer.

You either simply didn’t care or were just not listening to all of us.

I hope the county has better hearing.

Bill Wezwick  


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