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Letter: 7 key points about Obamacare

We really should understand what the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is all about. This is regardless of any political or ideological leanings, coupled with the health of you or your family. As an acronym guy, I’ll try to boil the ACA down to seven key points in E-M-P-L-O-Y-S.

E = Employer insurance largely stays — it’s not Medicare for all
M = Medicaid expansion — in states that accepted it, noting Colorado did
P = Pre-existing conditions — not denied or charging extra for coverage
L = List of covered services — includes pregnancy and cancer screening
O = Ownership of insurance goes with you — for no-insurance and gig workers
Y = Young adults stay on parent’s policies — until age 26 if they want
S = Supports — subsidies an d closing of “donut hole” in Medicare drug plans

Realizing …

  • The lightning rod penalty for not having health insurance is gone, leaving the criticism largely just one-liner ideology statements.
  • A portion of the ACA program is paid for by surcharge tax for investment income by those reporting more than $200,000 income — a tax decrease if the ACA goes away.
  • ACA, like any large program such as Social Security or Medicare, needed adjustments and improvements — but was never given that chance, especially to make insurance more affordable, the first A in the ACA.
  • Covering pre-existing conditions cannot be guaranteed by any one-liner from any politician — insurance companies don’t operate this way.
  • If you just look at things through the lens of jobs, the letter “O” in the acronym is the biggest deal for job mobility. It means an individual, with a family and with a job with insurance, can go out to become a start-up entrepreneur, using Medicaid or utilizing the subsidy, until they are able to obtain insurance without these programs. Or, be able to change employers without health insurance being a primary decision factor. Or to become a gig worker—as a personal choice or the realities of the job market. 

Perhaps, I have something wrong, but I have not seen anything else that tries to net out the ACA. 

Paul Rondeau


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