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Letter: Rebuttal to Williams’ column

I am appalled that less than two weeks before our Eagle County elections, the Vail Daily would unduly influence our upcoming elections by printing the most hurtful and damaging name-calling vitriol, which is the best example of what is dividing our country today.

I do not know David O. Williams, except he calls himself a “journalist.“ He has never met me or even spoken with me. He does not know me or my family, and if he is a journalist, he has never called me to interview me.

Yet, that did not stop him from spewing some of the most hateful speech about me and what he thinks I believe, through use of code words and stereotyping, meant to dismiss my candidacy as a threat to our local community.

I have lived, worked and raised my family in Vail for the last 26 years. I am running for the school board because through my own children I have recognized the need for our school system to prioritize early learning in a much greater way than ever before, particularly in recognizing the early signs of learning disabilities that are so prevalent today.

Shame on the Vail Daily for allowing the printing of a “journalist’s” opinion based solely upon one angry man’s bullying tactics.

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Kyla Sink, School Board Candidate, District B


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