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Letter: Shame on you, Vail post office, for trying to cover up an error

Shame on you, Vail post office

On Dec. 4, my wife mailed a package containing a Christmas ornament to her mother in Michigan. When the package had not arrived after a reasonable period of time, she used the U.S. Postal Service tracking number, which indicated a delivery date of Dec. 8.

The tracking process did not offer an option for us to indicate that the package had not arrived. Therefore, we went to our post office to let them know in person that, contrary to their information, the package in question had not arrived at her mother’s house.

The postal supervisor was able to show us a picture of a home where she said the package was delivered. It was not my mother-in-law’s home. Then the supervisor lady brought up another screen, which showed the delivery address to be the same as the pictured house. She concluded that the post office had done its job and offered no help to try and trace the misdelivered package to get it to its intended destination. My wife felt terrible at the prospect of having caused the loss of a treasured family ornament because she failed to put the proper address on the package.

Luckily, a few days later, her mother called to report that the package had made it to her house after all, possibly as a result of her inquiries at her post office. A happy ending — yes.

But, it turns out that the package was addressed absolutely correctly and my wife had her mother take a photo of the package to prove it. This means that our trusty post office supervisor lied to us and attempted to blame their screw-up on my wife.

Shame on you.

Hanno Fontaine


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