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Letter: Shining Mountains sounds a lot better

I was shocked and happy to see the front page of the Daily today regarding the renaming of the Gore Range. Having lived in the valley since 1986, at some point you hear the stories and history of how things came to be. I almost wrote the town and powers-that-be to suggest renaming the range and all the entities, streets, creek, etc that bare Lord Gore’s name.

Ever since I told my father the story decades ago of the gluttonous Gore, he has said, “Why don’t you try to get the name changed back to the original Ute name, that translates to the Shining Mountains?”  He asked me this several times over the years and I never did anything about it. Sadly, my dad passed away in November and I would have loved to have told him about this new campaign to rename them, and the street on which I live … Gore Circle. I would love my new address to be Shining Circle.

Heather Schultz


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