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Letter: Should restaurants impose time limits?

As I was having dinner the other day at a local restaurant I overheard a conversation of the staff. The waitress was stressed out because her table had finished their dinner, was not ordering more food or drinks and was just sitting there chatting drinking water.

She was stressed because, at 25% capacity, her chances of making money that night were dwindling. If the guests continue to eat and drink the bill goes higher and so does her tip and wage for the night. If they continue to “camp” at the table, it reduces her hourly wage.

While it’s great to have guests eating and drinking, there has to be a lot of stress around how many tables you can get in a night and how much money you can make now that capacity is limited. This got me thinking, with all the restrictions on restaurants, is it acceptable for a restaurant to impose a time limit on your time to dine?

Being that I spent a better part of my life entertaining our visitors in restaurants and understanding the battle every waiter faces, I believe restaurants should impose a time limit on diners. Depending on the type of restaurant would determine the amount of time needed for a party to comfortably enjoy their dinner.

Whether restaurants impose this or not, I believe we as a society should consider what impact we are having on that waiter or waitress by camping at a table and not continuing to eat or drink.

I also believe that on holidays all restaurants should add an automatic gratuity of 20% for every table. That server has to be away from their friends, family, etc. so you can enjoy a meal. The least we can do is tip them 20%, if not more. Just my 2 cents.

Joe Shankland


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