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Letter: Should we not be told to wear seatbelts, too?

Regarding the Dec. 19 column from Stephen Monroe about “wearing” masks, I was incredulous. For him to compare wearing a mask to wearing a coat is not just disingenuous but beyond the pale. Fortunately, his missive appeared right beside the common sense voice of Jack Van Ens, who lauded the efforts of past communities to band together to wipe out another deadly disease, whooping cough.

Monroe complains about having to mask up, claiming it’s a “guise” of public health. Another free-dumb comment, not making any sense in our world of “no shirt no shoes no service” or “wearing” a seat belt. Does his Christian school advocate spreading the virus further? Do they want their children to spread the disease to more vulnerable older people? Herd immunity will only be accomplished if we all get vaccinated! It is not just about Monroe and his so-called “law-abiding” ilk; it’s about the community, which he apparently doesn’t give a hoot about.

Pastor Monroe, God gave us the ability to make the vaccine; so, why aren’t you advocating banding together to wipe out death?

Deb Dreyfuss


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