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Letter: Show your support for our local teachers

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work at Red Sandstone Elementary School for the past nine years. When I first started working there I thought (like many of you) that teachers have a pretty good deal — holiday vacation breaks, long free summers and short hours. Boy, was I wrong. I need to tell you that I have seen nothing but the hardest working group of individuals I have ever known. 

Teachers are constantly taking classes to ensure the newest information in teaching and advancing their knowledge that will help them in the classroom. Teachers not only teach “reading, writing, and arithmetic”, they are counselors, surrogate parents and some of the most caring individuals I have ever met. I know this has all been said before but I cannot impress upon you enough how true it is. Please do everything you can to support these individuals in any way you can. And give your teachers and principal a hug — they deserve it.  

Diane D. Golden 


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