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Letter: Sick of this bad sci-fi movie

Every day when I turn on the news on TV, I feel like I’m living in a sci-fi movie. Today we face almost 200,00 Americans dead from COVID-19, along with wildfires burning across the West, leaving thousands of people homeless, and now the hurricanes on the East Coast devastating so many more thousands of people. The Black people in our country are being killed by the police in many states simply because they are black. Children are still in detention centers and the immigration issue is still not being dealt with in 2020. 

Millions of people are without an income and their jobs are permanently gone, leaving them to fend for themselves and stand in line at food banks for survival.  These same people may be facing evictions since the Republicans and Democrats can’t come to an agreement on a relief package for them. 

Take your pick — which of these crises takes priority in your mind?  If this isn’t something straight out of a sci-fi movie of the ’80s, I don’t know what is. I’m deeply concerned for the future of the planet that seems to be burning up from global warming. Is patriotism and love of country and democracy gone? 

We have a choice in November as to what kind of country we want for our grandchildren. I’ve been told we live in “Happy Valley” and in many respects, we do. The racial issue doesn’t impact us as it does in big cities, nor do the floods, the hurricanes, the extreme temps of other parts of the country;  therefore, we boast about being able to live here. Get out of your comfort zone, and vote! I’m praying for honesty and decency to be restored in our nation’s capital, to replace the falsehoods and false hopes today.

Linda Carr


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