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Letter: Signage on Eagle River path

Apparently it will take a bad collision with serious injuries to get the town of Avon and/or other responsible parties to rein in bikers on the Eagle River bike and hike path. Again this summer, some (many) bikers are flying at breakneck speeds on this path and passing pedestrians from behind without giving any warning. Last summer we witnessed — and experienced — several near misses.

Why are there no signs regulating the use of this path? There are signs along Village Road warning cyclists that “Pedestrians have the right of way” and to “Use caution.” Also posted is a Bicycle Speed Limit of 15 miles per hour.

The Eagle River path desperately needs these kinds of signs — particularly signs requiring cyclists to warn pedestrians when passing them. And a speed limit is essential. This path is used by all kinds of pedestrians, from young children running around or riding small bikes and moms with strollers to elderly folks and dogs of all sizes, some leashed and some not.

High-speed cyclists should be instructed to use the bicycle lane on U.S. Highway 6 — not this path!

Monica Perin

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