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Letter: Skiers vs snowboarders

I’m reading the recent letter suggesting limiting snowboarders just on some runs to improve safety. I’m not a big fan of snowboarders, but I think it’s not the right idea.

I grew up on skis, and all the people that practiced this sport then loved and respected the mountain. That included who was sharing the trails with you and off-piste. We all had an etiquette, a way of behaving that did not endanger the other fellow skiers. Accidents were happening also then, but more from the shortcomings of the equipment than the fault of other skiers.

Today, unfortunately, the sport has became a way of self-acclamation. “I’m the master of the universe and no one will interfere with my achievements.” “I want my adrenaline running, let it rip.” “If that dude can’t make a turn, it’s not my problem, let him crash.” And so on. Many snowboarders embody this mentality, but you’ll find many skiers as well.

So in my view, the problem of safety is not skis versus boards but people who love the mountain versus people who love themselves.

Of course, in addition, this particular year, we have ski passes that were oversold and not enough staff to open and groom all the terrain. The end result is an overcrowding of egotist skiers/boarders and increased danger for everyone.

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Having more terrain open will alleviate the risk, but the real problem is the lack of mountain “education and respect” in too many people and I’m not optimistic things will change.

I had 75 years of good Alpine skiing, but now is time for snowshoeing.

Piero Costa


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