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Letter: Smart fire decisions work

Thank you for the recent articles regarding fire mitigation and the true cost of fires. It has been repeatedly proven how “defensible spaces” used by Eby Creek homeowners and others have prevented damage and loss of lives from fire. Yet, people are reluctant to take action.

We have complained to multiple officials at both our homeowners’ association and the Beaver Creek Property Owners Association that fire mitigation efforts are not in compliance with recommendations by a mitigation expert. That was almost a year ago, and nothing has been done. There are now dead aspens all around the building. Vail Resorts cuts trees and debris and leaves the tinder off the trail next to the condos.

Leaving billions of dollars of real estate in Beaver Creek and Vail unprotected by fire mitigation is foolish and dangerous. Beaver Creek is especially imperiled, with only one road of escape. We will continue to hound officials to immediately initiate fire mitigation. I hope you join us in this action before it’s too late.

To Vail Resorts, please clean up your trash. It’s ugly, and deadly, and we don’t want it in our backyards. 

Karen Heuer

Beaver Creek 

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