Letter: So many contradictions, you can only laugh

So as I muse my way through the policies and politics of today, I have to laugh. It makes you wonder if our policy makers and many people have fallen over the edge of common sense. The following bullet points will give you some of the more obvious juxtaposed positions people and politicians take.

I apologize for my lack of wordsmithing abilities in advance, as a good friend who was an English major tells me, “you must have some dyslexia or other unidentified disability.” Regardless, he gets the points I strive to make and hopefully you will too.

  • The majority of Democrats and Republicans want term limits, but our elected officials in Congress do not.
  • Many health care workers who had the virus and have natural immunity cannot work without being vaccinated. Yet those who had the vaccine and test positive can work.
  • The Front Range voted in wolf reintroduction that the majority of voters on the Western Slope did not want. The funny catch is that the Front Range voters wanted the wolves to be on the Western Slope where the voters did not want them. To top it off, the Front Range has overpopulated deer and elk herds but the Western Slope deer and elk herds have been declining.
  • Hunters, in general, didn’t want the additional releases of wolves, but they must pay for it through their license fees.
  • Years ago it was always thought that parent involvement in schools was a great thing and encouraged. Now, not so much in many places.
  • Government stops pipelines to deliver crude oil even though they are safer than shipping it on rails or trucks on highways. Stopping a pipeline does not stop the use of oil.
  • We don’t want inflation, but we want higher wages, which helps cause inflation.
  • We don’t want high crime, but we keep letting repeat and dangerous criminals out on low or no cash bail.
  • We don’t want high prices in the grocery store but we keep adding rules and regulations that make farming and ranching more expensive.

The list is endless. I hope instead of crying after reading this, you laugh, because I have to. Humans are many times contradictory by nature, but for some reason they seem to be at their apex at the moment.

Bruce Hagedorn


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