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Letter: So many questions

Trump versus the rule of Law? Is that what it boils down to in the end? Will we have Civil War on the streets in all of our neighborhoods and cities? Who will the military forces support? Who will the Supreme Court support? Will the two branches of Congress stay deadlocked? Can we have a meaningful national election? Will the national election result be honored? Can we survive another four years if Trump is elected in November 2020? Is this the beginning of the Trump Family dynasty? How can Mike Pompeo and William Barr and Lindsey Graham and Rudy Giuliani support Trump and do his dirty work and Trump’s 40 percent base?  Do they really see and understand what he is doing? Is this how Hitler subdued Germany? Is the United States really done in international affairs? Was our influence only 100 years, since 1918? What about all the bombs in the United States and Russia and now other countries? Twitter and Facebook and Amazon really control the world, don’t they?

Has the town of Vail and Vail Resorts doomed the bighorn herd here? Is the bighorn sheep really the state animal? Seriously, are we going to try to tax tobacco to death? Didn’t we try something like that with alcohol and the 18th Amendment? Seriously, are we going to try to do away with TABOR one unit of government at a time? Politics? Elections? Where will Vail workers go in the offseason to spend all their money? Why can’t I sleep? What questions do you have? What are the answers? Who gives a bleep? I’m not sure it’s a beautiful day in Colorado anymore or anywhere else.

Bob Essin

East Vail

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