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Letter: So much for customer service

I understand, in the midst of a pandemic, Vail Resorts is in uncharted territory and is trying to make the 2020-2021 ski season work. I do not understand their lack of basic customer service at this time when there are so many questions about their new reservation system. Holders of the expensive Epic Pass deserve better. Calling their customer service number is a joke. You get a “We are experiencing high call volume. Please try your call again.” and then a hang-up. Calling the corporate office customer service number was no better. I found myself in an endless loop, literally.

If you pressed the designated number for “reservation help,“ you were looped back into the same menu you were in over and over. I tried the number for purchasing a pass thinking surely they would want to take my money. (I purchased my pass a long time ago but thought I might be lucky enough to talk to an actual person who could direct me to where I could get my question answered.)

I was on hold for over an hour, heard two “phone rings” and was promptly hung up on! I decided to try the “chat” feature on their website. I am now 1,346 in the queue to get my question answered. I will be attended to in approximately 638 minutes. Are you kidding me? You can do better than this, Vail Resorts! I hope their reservation system turns out to be better than their customer service. If not, pass holders are in for a world of disappointment this season.

Valerie Glimp


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