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Letter: Some other things we should consider taxing

Congratulations to the voters of Eagle County for passing a tobacco tax to save the children. The world presents our youth with so many emerging risks and unpredictable elements that we can better manage if we do not see them using tobacco. We here in Eagle County have the opportunity to raise children in one of the healthiest environments anywhere, and proper guidance begins with prudent tobacco regulations.  

Now, I know it may be a little much to call for a tax on gasoline so that our youth will walk or bike more often, or a tax on Wi-Fi usage to make it more difficult for online plotting for tobacco acquisition. But I can think of a few products which present risks to our youth and also are not popular with a great majority of county voters:

  • Cognacs and brandies. Very unhealthy for both minors and also guitarists covering Barenaked Ladies. A 40 percent levy could help to fund after-school junior real estate agent programs. 
  • Arts and crafts supplies. The painting is just not very good, kid, and you’ll be better received if you just tell others how far you recreated along the shoulder of a state highway.  
  • Jarritos brand beverages. Too much sugar. How about a delicious and nutritious Lipton Iced Tea?

These are simply a few ideas for simple appearances of good health which can go a long way towards making life easy and good.   

Nathan Wilhelm


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