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Letter: Some tips if you need to call 911

In the event you need to call 911 for a medical emergency, Eagle County Paramedic Services would like to share a few tips to help medical responders when they arrive at your home to help a loved one this winter season.

  • Turn on outdoor lighting.  
  • Send someone outside to flag down the arriving ambulance.
  • Make sure responders have a clear path to your door. This may involve moving vehicles or shoveling snow to insure the paramedics have room to maneuver their stretcher.
  • Gather medications and any relevant medical paperwork.
  • Secure pets. No matter how friendly a dog or cat is, they may be stressed if their owner is ill or injured.

Following these suggestions can assist responders in quickly and safely caring for your loved one in the event of an emergency.

Jonathan Gately

Eagle County Paramedic Services 

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