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Letter: Soon, Golden Peak will be no more

Did you get one last look at it? Will you remember it all fresh and mint in spring, or in summer, adding depth and texture to the quilt of the forest, or in winter, the silver bark seeming to have risen out of the frozen ground? Will you remember the namesake gold, a last thanks for summer offered back up to the sun in infinite shades? 

Very soon, Golden Peak will be no more.

Throughout the debate about the expansion of Golden Peak, I’ve heard the exclamation “it’s for the children!’ many times — as if that somehow makes it alright that we are depriving them of yet another sight we apparently took for granted. I would not dream of depriving any child the joy of skiing, swishing down a slope on a cold winter’s morning, the Rocky Mountain sun smiling on her face. It is, though, entirely disingenuous to say that on one of the largest ski mountains in North America there was no other place that could meet the need for a race training facility. Remarkably, Vail has been training world-class skiers for 50 years with the existing — though apparently paltry — facilities.

And what are we teaching our children? Certainly not to live within limits. Instead, more is forever the preferred option. For many people lucky to call Vail home, this may in fact be the case. But in a world in which nature is on the verge of collapse, it might perhaps not be the best lesson we can pass to the next generation.

Golden Peak will soon be just another symbol of our inability to satisfy ever-ravenous appetites. Julius Caesar burned down the sacred groves of the Druids to show he did not fear their gods. We will now bear witness to the destruction of the grove of aspens atop Golden Peak to illustrate we worship no god but money.

Jonathan Staufer


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