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Letter: Sorry, Claire, but there is no Santa Claus, either

The bitter disappointment is palpable in Clare Noble’s editorial in the Daily on Tuesday, Nov. 7 (“Going rogue”).

She was shocked — SHOCKED — to find that Tammany Hall or Chicago Machine politics are alive and well in her (formerly) beloved Eagle County Democrats. Dylan Roberts was “elected” over the more qualified (per Claire) Jill Ryan to replace Diane Mitsch Bush in the state assembly. Incensed, Claire has resigned party allegiance.

Ironically, the loss of an “honest” woman in the Eagle County Democratic leadership only makes it easier for them to pull these shenanigans the next time. Oh, well.

It is always so much easier to accuse the “other” side of some impropriety with all the righteous indignation you can muster and very hard to stomach when it’s “your” side caught doing something unethical. Both sides do it, but lucky for the Dems, they have the press on their side, so are far less likely to be called on it — unless one of their own dishes the dirt, so thanks for that!

But come on, Claire, does this really surprise you? Do you think Barak Obama was placed into power by the Machine in Illinois because of his community organizing? Was he elected president because of his legislative accomplishments to that point? No, he was a young, smart, well-spoken attorney who looked the part and knew who put him there in the first place. Why would the Eagle Co Dems break from the national party script?

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Neither major political party is innocent, nor should any normal citizen have any trust that they truly give a rat’s ass about your well-being. They care about your money and your vote (in that order). A pox on both their houses.

Jim Downey


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