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Letter: Spare me your regrets, Butch

Regarding Butch Mazzuca’s last column: “Boy, was I wrong”

Mr. Mazzuca, your shallow and transparent mea culpa rings as hollow as the cavernous space between the ears of Trump’s acolytes. A space that has been incessantly filled with pernicious theories and mendacious vitriol, from the mouths of your president, his sycophants and his media cheerleaders.

From the day he descended the escalator to announce his candidacy, you and I saw two very different things.

As a conservative, with very legitimate and viable concerns about taxes, regulation, foreign policy, the military and more, you saw in him a chance to realize and forge changes in these policies through his candidacy. This is what policy choices are about and achieving those through the voting franchise is part of the foundation upon which our republic is built. nd, had he led and governed for all the people, he would still be president today.

I, however, saw a known con man and grifter with a long track record of cheating and swindling, who had already been pushing conspiracies to sow division and doubt. It was obvious to many, with his first declaration about Mexican immigrants being “drug dealers and rapists,” that the trajectory of his presidency would ultimately bring us to this moment. This was a man who readily fulfilled the prophecy of wreckage and chaos so many saw.

Now, I can’t blame you for being conned by him. He’s not very smart, but when it comes to the grift, the man is an evil genius. Just ask the millions supporters that would still, today, follow him off the nearest cliff (oh wait … many just did).

But, if you made the conscious and Machiavellian choice to realize your agenda at the expense of decency, dignity, honesty and humanity as well as the undermining of our democratic institutions, then please, spare me your regrets over this belated epiphany.

Four years of bullying, lying, cruelty and family separations. Four years of filling his cabinet and our agencies with venal and corrupt cronies, shutting down the government and cleaving our country in two by preaching distrust, hatred and violence. Four years of framing the press as enemies of the people, pandering to strongmen and white supremacists, and those who would do his bidding. Four years of the wanton denigration and destruction of the careers of dedicated public servants that didn’t kowtow to him or his storyline. All, not to serve, but to maintain power.

You cite the “chaos” of Nancy Pelosi ripping up some paper in public? You invoke the “whataboutism” of the summer protests and the, also unforgivable, destruction of property? What other shiny objects would you have to pivot and distract? Oh yes, Hillary is a crook, Joe is infirm and Kamala will actively contribute to governing. Surely that’s plenty reason to look the other way and vote again for more of the same incompetence and evil.

For the sake of reelection he ignored a pandemic, and encouraged his acolytes to dismiss it and to stand against the tyranny of the facemask. This may have resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. But that’s OK, Butch, because you got your tax breaks and a pissing contest with China. That makes it all worthwhile. Thanks, again, for your heartfelt admission of gullibility and regret.

Howard Leavitt


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