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Letter: Stamp out recall mania

Recall mania is becoming epidemic in Colorado and across the country — now in Avon. Recalls are being brought by extremists and sore losers. These zealots count on low voter turnout in a recall election to change the outcome of a regular election where their world view or candidate was rejected. Recalls need to be rare and reserved for misconduct in office. If you disagree with a public official on policy, the time to address that is in the next election, not by recalling that public servant.

The recall attempt in Avon fits this troubling pattern of radical overreach. Instead of improving their candidates and policy platforms to succeed in the 2020 regular election for Avon Town Council, recall proponents spent the fall of 2020 badgering and misleading people into signing recall petitions. They want to overthrow the will of the majority in Avon to impose its extreme minority views and intimidate legitimate candidates.

Mayor Sarah Smith Hymes and Council member Tamra Nottingham Underwood are both hardworking and productive public servants who deserve to stay in office through the remainder of their term, which ends next year. I say this as a former Avon Town Council member and mayor pro tem.

The toxic atmosphere created by constant campaigning and conflict of recall mania inhibits good people from running for public office and serving as effectively as possible once elected. Voters deserve to have their elected officials focused on solving problems for their community instead of constantly fighting recalls. This includes Avon. The people who lose in this recall epidemic are the voters and citizens. Vote “no” on the Avon recalls to stamp out recall mania in our community.

Kristi Ferraro

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