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Letter: Stand up to Vail Resorts

To the Vail Town Council: What have you done? What have you done by turning a blind eye to Vail Resorts’ Faustian relationship with its community and nature? We, your community and constituency, trusted you to see Booth Heights development resolved, as promised.

Why did you allow Vail Resorts to lie low regarding Booth Heights development only to rear its ugly, greedy head and threaten you with legal action?

You have not only failed your community and elected duty with silent, fearful complicity, but lied to your constituency. Spineless.

Vail Resorts has proved that managing community commitments is not a priority. Their financial needs are insatiable and continue to overwhelm, even subsume housing and community planning. That is your job, the valley’s need. Development is a local planning issue. Take the time to get it right.

This isn’t over. Take back the reins. Act like a Town Council disappointed and angry, with a conscientious conflict of interest.

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Lindsay and Art Reimers


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