Letter: Standard culture

I like Eagle because it is a nice place to live. No big crime or offensive circumstances — like belligerent passersby, filth, loud noises, offensive sights or smells. Anyone can walk the streets and enjoy the public venues without being offended. Isn’t this what most people are looking for?

What produces this agreeable atmosphere I will call standard culture. I do not use a term like white culture, because people of all descriptions follow what I am talking about, and enjoy life as a result.

Here are some of its characteristics — honesty, decency, punctuality, delayed gratification, generosity, modesty, responsibility, cleanliness, orderliness, patriotism, loyalty, family, community.

Is there a better culture? Specifically. Don’t just conjecture. Where has your alternate culture been tried and found agreeable?

Note that I do not mention God or religion. No particular sect should prevail. Even atheists are well served by standard culture.

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Terry Quinn


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