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Letter: Standing up for our precious sheep

I’m just another East Vail resident trying to be heard to save the bighorn sheep herd, a precious gift that lived here before us, as well as our town’s beautiful landscape. I look back to January and the Yimby-Nimby Jamboree to encourage folks to not oppose the building of employee homes in their neighborhoods. I don’t believe this proposed project (you’re kidding me: it already has a name!) Booth Heights is in this category. 

Most East Vail residents are far from the site (I am over three miles away). I really believe our concern is for the beauty and the beast. This is so unlike the town of Vail to press on for this disaster. Did they not notice the 1,000 signatures to permanently protect the parcel?  Did they notice the crowds that attended the meetings, despite the builder’s filibuster, so the people did not have time to adequately present their case against the project at this location? Did they not notice so many letters?

Anyone who lives here is aware of the narrow walkway at the I-70 underpass — even the bikes intermingle with the cars as they exit I-70 from the east in a blind spot (getting groceries will be challenging). Even without work on the underpass, the project will come at some expense, widening the frontage road, bus stop, etc. 

One comment mentioned Vail Resorts was awarded the Golden Eagle Award for Environmental Excellence.  So … on and on, the protests! Would your housing plans leave less impact at Ever Vail?  Now, I know the grove of young aspen at the site are not the Amazon, but if you save them and the rest of the winter grazing range, the sheep will have a chance at life. 

Jeannie Robbins

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