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Letter: Steve Carver for Gypsum Mayor

Steve Carver is our choice for mayor because we know he cares about Gypsum and its people.

Steve has the experience needed to be mayor as he has worked for many years to provide the best possible community for people to live in. Steve’s dedication to community can be shown in his support for Gypsum Daze, engagement in clean-up days, support of all community events and his willingness to listen, find solutions and act on the concerns of citizens.

As mayor he works to lead a council that provides traffic solutions, water supply and storage needs, housing opportunities, recreation facilities and all the details involved in making Gypsum function smoothly. These things are done while working within a budget that adheres to the town’s revenue sources and minimizes taxes on residents.

Steve Carver has done his job well. He deserves your vote to continue making Gypsum an even better place to live.

Margaret and Tom Edwards

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