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Letter: Stifle yourselves, dissenters

Paul Kulas needs to calm down. His rebuttal to Butch Mazzuca’s column wherein Butch questioned whether climate change was indeed “settled” came across as literally dripping with loathing for anyone who questions or disputes that climate change science is settled.  So much so that one could actually visualize Kulas standing on Highway 6 dressed in a Chicken Little suit screaming up at the Vail  Daily editorial board’s windows:

“Please God, shut that Butch guy up! And if the sky must fall, God, then let it fall on Butch. Better yet God, use any means at your disposal to stifle all disagreement that climate science is settled.” 

Kulas quotes Confucius saying: “The chicken cackles loudest when its head is on the chopping block.”  As one who has performed many chicken beheadings, I know that a chicken is at its quietest when being held upside down with its head on a block. But, clearly, whether the chicken is loud or quiet when its head is on the block, the result is the same … that chicken will soon be permanently silenced.

Aggie Chastain


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