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Letter: Stomp out the Avon recalls

We, the signatories below, are residents and business owners in Avon and across the Vail Valley who are very concerned that a recall election has descended on our community and want to urge all registered Avon voters to vote no on the Avon recalls.

For good reason, recall elections in the United States remain the most-rarely used form of direct democracy, typically reserved for elected officials who engage in lawlessness or other forms of wrongdoing while serving in the public trust. They are not intended to settle disputes over policy matters such as infrastructure or taxation. Mayor Sarah Smith Hymes and Council member Tamra Nottingham Underwood have worked tirelessly for Avon. Are we in 100 percent agreement with our policy makers’ decisions 100 percent of the time? Of course not, but that is hardly reason to spend time, energy — and a lot of taxpayer money — on a recall election.

Recalls come with added costs to the taxpayers in the form of legal fees and special elections, and often occur outside of regular election cycles when the electorate is less engaged. Therefore, the voice of the voters who first elected an official can be stifled by an extreme minority of voters.

In many states, some form of malfeasance or misconduct while in office must be identified by petitioners in a recall election, but not in Colorado, where extreme elements have increasingly used recall elections as a political weapon.

Rarely successful, various groups have started using recall elections to undermine duly elected government officials, stoke anti-government animosity and raise funds for their own political and personal purposes — oftentimes without putting forward alternative candidates. Such is the case in Avon.

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Please take the time to vote no on the Avon Recalls — it’s important we stomp out this disruptive effort and say, “not in our community.”

Brian and Pat Nolan

Chris Romer

Steve Coyer

Harry and Susan Frampton

Jennie and Gil Fancher

Kristi and Craig Ferraro

Geralyn and Rich Carroll

Linda Overcash

Alison and Matt Wadey

Amy Cramer Phillips

Nancy Nottingham

Scott and Amber Prince

Buz Reynolds

Megan Burch

Dave Chapin

Merv Lapin

Rosie Holliday

Susan and Ron Gruber

Allie and Robby Gruber

Wil Nolan

Carol Krueger

Conner Underwood

Kristin Kenney Williams

Allan Nottingham

CC Nottingham

Gail Flesher

Stephan and Nancy Dowdle

Pavan Krueger

Darien Underwood

Morgan Underwood

Cindy Crawford

Kim Nottingham

Terry Nolan

Diane Moudy

Ceil Folz

Bill and Kathy Heicher

John Shipp

Louise Funk

Shelley Nottingham Woodworth and Mick Woodworth

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