Letter: Stop abusing Edwards recycling center

I am writing this letter to our community to try to discourage people from dropping off non-recyclable items at the Edwards recycling center (and I assume it happens at the other recycling centers in our valley).

Every time we go there are tires, old furniture, broken kids items, bags and boxes of trash, electronics, household items, old bikes. These things are being left next to recycle containers — I guess with the thought, “Please deal with my junk for me.”

The Thrifty Shop is three minutes away and if the items are resellable, Vail Valley Cares donates money back to our community. Tires and broken things can go to the landfill, nobody but you should take them up there. If it fits in your car, then please do the right thing and take it to the appropriate place. We may lose the convenience of a recycling center if it continues to be abused.

There is a free app: Eagle County Waste Wizard — you plug in an item and it tells you exactly where it goes.

Please, lets keep Edwards beautiful!

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Dennie Moore


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