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Letter: Stop being a bunch of donkeys

The term jackass simply means a male donkey.” So let donkeys be donkeys and let humans be humans. Did the paper publish a picture of a donkey being ridden and pulled to finish a race?  Yes! Has a donkey always been used to haul heavy material and be pulled around?  Yes!  In fact, did you know that in 1882 one mule loaded with 200 pounds of supplies in Arizona marched three days for 180 miles?  In the heat of the desert, uphill, both ways, barefoot! OK, that last bit is not true, but I think one jackass can have a teenager on her back for the race. 

“But, Mike,” you say! “The donkey just gave birth …  Why would they leave the newborn alone in some hot barn with no one caring for it?”  Well, first of all, don’t get me started on the barn — second, really? Really!?!?  You think the people who bred the animal just left kid all alone. I bet you it is getting treated better than your dog, who you left in your hot car while you were shopping at Lululemon, or at home for 12 hours while you were at work but then had drinks with coworkers. Maybe if you supported local events like this, they would make more money and be able to provide better entrainment.

Mike Spaid


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