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Letter: Stop complaining about Edwards roadwork

Roadwork in Edwards will improve the area. If one citizen isn’t happy with the Spur Road layout and plans, where were you when the plans were presented to the people of Edwards? You sound like a spoiled child in your selfish comments!

The future impact of having traffic flow, with more access to the different sections will be safer, allowing a steady stream of traffic to flow throughout the area. The contractor should be thanked for the extra count of people guiding you through the area with the least amount of wait and confusion. The contractor has been very proficient to the movements of those large machines and, of course, everything won’t be “your” perfect.

I would suggest Mr. Currey that you stop being so little in your thinking and start to realize that with every change of roads, it is done with many hours of study being done by very skilled people. You will appreciate the little inconveniences when you see the difference to this area. Try not to be short-sighted and narrow-minded and don’t speak for everyone. You are only one person.

Dana Dunbar


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