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Letter: Stop pollution in the ocean

Hello, my name is Tyler Martinez, and when I was in class, I read an article about “Why we should stop pollution in the ocean.” I was very interested in it and I think it’s better to stop pollution in the ocean because of these reasons why we should stop pollution in the world.    

One reason to stop pollution in the sea is that in the last years, people have been wearing masks and gloves to go to stores, schools, or go to work. When we are done using them, we throw them in the trash and they end up in the ocean. We also throw masks and gloves in parks, forests, streets, and on school property, and that all causes litter, and some gloves and masks end up in the ocean and we also throw trash everywhere.

Another reason we should stop pollution in the ocean is that it provides climate regulation, food, jobs, and economic progress. An example of why this is important is because if we pollute the ocean, we could hurt sea life and plants under the ocean. People also have jobs like taking pictures under the sea, exploring the sea, fishing, and other jobs, and if we keep polluting the sea, some people will end up with no jobs.     

My last reason we should stop pollution in the ocean is that when we pollute the ocean with trash and plastic, sea animals think it’s food and eat it or get stuck in plastic or trash and could get very hurt if it is sharp. An example of this is the ocean. We keep sending trash and plastic to the ocean and we are creating islands of trash — some are the size of Texas.

We only know of seven of these islands in the world and tons of sea animals like fish, turtles, and other sea animals are dying because of all the trash we send into the ocean. We should try to stop pollution and instead we should use reusable items instead of nonreusable items because you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on plastic bottles and you could reuse water from your house and you could save more money than before.     

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This is a problem. Some people think it’s not a problem where I live because we don’t live close to the ocean and they wouldn’t care that much about it because it doesn’t affect them. We should pay more attention to this problem because it will ruin our Earth. A reason this is important is that if we keep throwing trash we could eventually fill the ocean with just trash, but if we pick up trash, we will be able to make the world a better place. 

Tyler Martinez, Fifth Grade
Avon Elementary School

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