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Letter: Stop the climate bullying

Silence yourself! Shut up! Only we know what is true! Such is the demanding, intolerant language of today’s climate gods angered by any hint of resistance to absolute acceptance of their theories, predictions, and proclamations.

To the gods of human-driven climate change, I say this: Horse doo-doo! Horse doo-doo to psychological bullying tactics used for centuries by governments to acquire power and control.

Horse doo-doo to unverifiable emotion-driven prophesies presented as fact and aimed at making enough of the populace so mad with fear that virtually any boondoggle promoted in the name of anthropogenic climate change becomes viable.

Finally, horse doo-doo on the shoes of anyone whose living depends on marketing nonsensical propaganda to promote hysterical fantasy over reality. Hey,  isn’t the definition of insanity the inability to distinguish between the two?

Aggie Chastain


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