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Letter: Stop the division and distraction

Are you tired of the division and distraction that the current president has caused for the last two years? I am. I’m exhausted listening to his lies and rhetoric every day and reading his insulting tweets, directed at everyone who doesn’t worship him. It is time for our government to start working again and working on the issues for the common people and not just the top 1 percent of the country.

Democrats, we have a real challenge coming up in 2020 to try to choose the best candidate from our party to be president. They are all more qualified and more intelligent and with far more class than Donald J. Trump. I don’t understand how Trump can be running again in 2020, however, with all the indictments and guilty pleas from previous members of his White House and his “personal fixer.”

It’s still such a mystery to me how the evangelicals can go along with a liar, sexist and racist. Where are your values, people? Morality seems to have gone out of the window.

I must keep saying to myself each day, “this too shall pass!” One day Trump won’t be in the White House, and perhaps there can then be some intelligent decisions made for the United States. Decisions need to be made for our survival on the planet with climate change, the gun control issue, immigration, human rights for everyone, a living wage for those of us who are not millionaires and billionaires, a check on the pharmaceutical companies and some health care coverage for everyone.

Once again, I’m praying for a stronger and moral leader to be elected in the 2020 election. I know that patience is a virtue and, God help us, we all need that now.

Linda Carr


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