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Letter: Stop with the selfishness

I write this today with a heavy heart. I want to scream: “People wake up, wear the mask, stay out of the restaurants and bars, and think of the millions of people suffering with this virus!”

This is so very disheartening to think that Americans are so selfish and ignorant. I don’t want to think of my fellow Americans this way, but the number of cases and deaths in our country is telling the story. We are the leader in cases and deaths throughout the world. We are no longer the “shining light on the hill” for the world to look up to, are we?

We are more privileged than most, living up here in these beautiful mountains of Colorado, are we not? My family is scattered from California, Arizona, Texas, Hawaii and Colorado. Three of those five states are in deep trouble with this virus overwhelming them. I keep telling my family members that I wish I could transport them all to Colorado. However, I’m beginning to wonder how much longer I can say this, as the tourists from these most vulnerable states pour into our beautiful mountains for the summer.

I’m praying every day for folks to start using the brains they were born with and to stop listening to the president of the U.S. who continues to stay in denial and rail against the advice of Dr. Fauci and the other doctors and scientists who are speaking the truth of the seriousness of this virus.

There is nothing more important and precious than good health. Without our health, we have nothing.  I will refer to one of my favorite Japanese prayers: There can be no: Sickness like Hate, Gift like Health, Faith like Trust, and Joy like Peace! Good health is a gift, which we are losing every day to this virus. Please friends, start using your common sense. Wash your hands often, wear your mask and stay our of the restaurants and bars.

Linda Carr


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