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Letter: Join the strike for the future of our planet

I can’t imagine there is anyone who hasn’t noticed the effects of global climate change. Even hardcore deniers, faced with the growing evidence right in front of them, are coming around. However, to make real change, we have to convince our politicians that we are truly concerned.

To that end, there are going to be strikes in schools and businesses all the way around the world, starting on September 20. I would like to encourage every high school student to think about what his/her world will be like in a few years and to walk out on Sept. 20 or one of the days following. I would like to encourage everyone in a business that can be disrupted briefly to do the same. Only by huge demonstrations will our government listen.

If we do nothing, what do you think is going to happen to our water, our snow, our forests, our infrastructure, our lives? If you want to know more, check in with 350colorado.org.

Katherine Delanoy


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