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Letter: Support 2G to keep Vail vibrant

The town of Vail and the state of Colorado are vastly different places than they were in 1982 when the Gallagher Amendment was passed by voters. Having been involved in Vail municipal government for the past seven years, I have taken great pride in our fiduciary responsibility which has resulted in conservative budgeting, stable reserves, and being debt-free.

That’s why I am asking you to please join me in voting yes on Vail’s ballot measure 2G on Nov. 3. COVID-19 put a wrench in the local economy, with businesses, residents, and town government suffering losses this past year. Considering the dramatic impact to town finances, including the use of reserves to help cover services, budget cuts, and delays to many capital projects, this Town Council unanimously agreed to support a ballot measure to “de-Gallagher” Vail property taxes. It is important to point out that voting yes on 2G does NOT raise property taxes. 

The town of Vail offers an amazing array of unique services enjoyed by our taxpayers and guests. With vibrant special events, the ambiance of our colorful flowers and brilliant holiday lights, free bus service town-wide, a boutique library experience and one-of-a-kind crafted playgrounds and parks, this is a special place. The cumulative impact to the town of Vail by the Gallagher Amendment is a loss of $9.2 million over a 10-year span, with another $1.4 million loss expected for 2022. An annual loss of $1.4 million is a large amount to the town municipal services, which is what property taxes help to pay.

Those very special services we take for granted are at risk for reductions, which sadly would make our town feel more like a “normal” town rather than the unique community we have all grown to love. The Eagle County Clerk & Recorder has established conveniently located voter service and polling centers throughout the county, including the Grand View on the top deck of the Lionshead parking structure. This Vail location is now open daily until the close of Election Day on Tuesday. 
Please vote! 

Dave Chapin 
Mayor of Vail

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