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Letter: Support candidates who are addressing the climate emergency

This is addressed to Republicans and independents who lean conservative. 

I have voted Republican many times in my life, and in spite of what some of my friends say, I have to believe there are intelligent, far-sighted, aware citizens among you.

Continued drought, fires and ensuing floods are not just “climate change” — they are now a global catastrophe. I hope you are aware of all the environmental disasters happening to humans caused by climate change around the world.

And in case animals get your attention more than people, just type “animals dying from drought” into Google.

However, most of the Republicans in Congress are still blindly convinced that climate change isn’t a problem. They remind me of the Queen Marie-Antoinette legend, which says when she was told there was no more bread for her starving subjects, she said, “Let them eat cake!”

So, if the wheat crop fails from drought, as it is in places, I can just hear these politicians saying, “Let them eat corn.” Although, they may know that at least nearly half of the corn grown in the United States is used for animal feed and nearly 30 percent is turned into ethanol.

Everything we eat takes water, and when the usable water goes or the fields are flooded out? Nothing, not the economy, not the abortion issue, not civil rights, or any other issue will matter if our water and food systems go. And they are going.

Please, think about the future of the Earth and humankind while you are worrying about other things, and support those who are inclined to address the climate emergency. And vote accordingly in November.

Katherine Delanoy

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