Letter: Support for Producer Responsibility Bill

Have you ever loaded up your car smugly at Costco with tons of low-cost goods, only to realize what an irresponsible amount of plastic and cardboard waste has also been loaded up? You are not alone. What a waste! Let’s solve this problem with the Producer Responsibility Bill, HB 22-1355.

HB 22-1355 works by shifting the costs of recycling from taxpayers and local governments to consumer brands as part of the cost of doing business. It would make it easier for all Coloradans to recycle more plastics, aluminum cans, glass bottles, cardboard and printed paper. It will also help businesses by creating a more resilient domestic supply of recycled materials to make new products. This will rapidly improve Colorado’s recycling rate and result in less waste sent to landfills, fewer greenhouse gas emissions and stronger local economies.

When it comes to making meaningful carbon reductions it is wise to start with the “low hanging fruit.” House Bill 22-1355 does just that as it aims to increase our waste diversion rate in Colorado from 15% toward the national average of 32%. It will reduce local government costs, create clean-energy-economy jobs, reduce toxic emissions and bring equitable recycling access across Colorado by standardizing practices across diverse communities in the state.

This bill is up for discussion this legislative session, with the clock ticking as we near May 11. Take action today by researching the fine print, and if you agree, contact Dylan Roberts and/or Kerry Donovan to rally support. Let’s leave things better than we found them.

Geoff Grimmer

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