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Letter: Support for the CORE ACT

Four years ago, as my family and I were rafting the Eagle River near our home, my then 6-year-old daughter, Suri, asked, “Daddy, why are there so many tires in the river?” My only response was, “There shouldn’t be.”

Inspired by our daughter, my family, along with our neighbors, began pulling these old tires out of the Eagle River. With a little help, we organized a river cleanup in April 2019 that removed more than 250+ tires and debris from the river. After runoff, we resumed our extracting efforts and to our surprise pulled out another 250+ tires and lots of trash, which will be removed this spring. We have just recently co-founded a nonprofit to keep the work going. My family supports the CORE Act and here is why.  

The Eagle is the only river in the state that begins and ends in the same county. As such, we alone are responsible for the health and quality of our river. Whether we fish, raft, kayak, paddleboard, or sit by any river, stream or tributary and enjoy its grandeur, it is up to us to keep it clean and robust.

The CORE Act, a citizens’ effort to protect 400,000 acres of wildlands across the state, includes designating  28,000 acres surrounding Camp Hale as a National Historic Landscape. This would preserve the recreation we enjoy there and protect the area from future mining or logging. Aside from the historical importance of Camp Hale, the ecological value is critical. This is where the headwaters of the Eagle River originate and where the East and West Forks of the Eagle join. 

The CORE Act is good for the Eagle River and for our sustainable future. If you care about water, please contact Sen. Cory Gardner today at (303) 391-5777 and ask him to actively support the CORE Act.

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Vik, Susan and Suri Raol


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