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Letter: Support Radio Free Minturn

As a relatively new member of the Valley community, I have been eagerly seeking out ways to get involved and meet my neighbors. When I learned about the existence of Radio Free Minturn, I jumped at the opportunity to be an on-air volunteer DJ and meet other local music nerds. Working at my university’s radio station was one of the highlights of my undergraduate years, and Radio Free Minturn brings that independent, quirky spirit of college radio to the Vail Valley. Thanks to RFM, myself and other DJs, from high schoolers mish-mashing classic rock and hip-hop to festival-going retirees playing new favorites, share our diverse music interests with others in the community.

We provide listeners with unique programming that they won’t find anywhere else on the dial. If you’ve enjoyed tuning in to Radio Free Minturn or value opportunities for cultural engagement and exploring music from diverse genres, consider donating to RFM now, or during our annual Fund Drive between August 4 and 10, at this link: ​http://radiofreeminturn.org/youcanhelp​. If you choose to make a donation when there is a DJ live on air during the Fund Drive, you can even receive a gift from the station! Thank you for supporting Radio Free Minturn and tuning in at 107.9 FM.

Hannah Taub

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