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Letter: Talk about a broken promise, Vail Resorts

In the Oct. 19 edition of the Vail Daily, in an article titled “Vail Resorts releases its EpicPromise report card,” Vail Resorts, more specifically, Rob Katz, wrote: “Our company is growing and so is our commitment to preserving the spectacular places in which we live, work and play.” He then goes on to say, “Our growth allows us to have more of an impact in investing in mountain communities, more of an impact in supporting employees and more or an impact in preserving the environment.”

Rob Katz … really? 

Your company had an excellent opportunity to preserve the environment, such as the bighorn sheep herd in East Vail, and you chose not to. You put Wall Street investors, and corporate profits and greed, in front of the wishes and desires of locals. You’ve not only lost an opportunity to “preserve the environment” you claim you care about, but you actually facilitated the probable annihilation/extinction of our only local bighorn sheep herd. Just know we see through your doublespeak, and know the truth about Vail Resorts. Just realize, when you notice people looking at you in public, it’s not in admiration, but in disappointment. There is still time to do the right thing and fulfill your “EpicPromise” to truly become the environmentally supportive company you claim to be. Donate this land to the Eagle Valley Land Trust, and work with Kim Langmaid on an alternative site for local housing. This is a problem your company created, and you should not take our public lands from us to solve it. 

Rich Ranieri


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