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Letter: Talking about centrism

Mark Lewis did a column about centrist activism. He believes the extremes of political thought are controlling the agenda. What he failed to do is specify what are the “centrist” views on the issues of the day. If he had, people would be better able to decide if they go for his way of thinking. 

For example — what does a centrist think about racial reparations? California is considering a program to compensate descendants of slaves. The price tag is put at $800 billion (Wall Street Journal). Does a centrist believe that any payments should be made? And if so, how much? And how would entitlement be determined — by a centrist? 

How about Ukraine? Should the U.S. provide more or less support? 

What about China? How much if anything, does a centrist believe we should do if Taiwan is invaded or blockaded? What about TikTok? Chinese police outlets in the U.S.? Chinese supplying ingredients for fentanyl to Mexican drug cartels?

Immigration: Do centrists believe things are OK at our southern border? If not, what should be done?

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Education: Does a centrist approve the focus of schools on issues like LGBTA awareness? What about “equity” and Critical Race Theory? What to do about declining achievements in the basics, like reading, writing and arithmetic? How about the recent declaration by the Colorado Education Association, the state’s largest teachers union, that capitalism is bad? What does this say about the teachers? Should anything be done here? What is the centrist position?

Abortion: Does a centrist approve the Colorado laws that are pretty permissive? Should there be a national abortion law? Better be careful, centrists; polls show that most people want some restrictions on abortion, like the first trimester, unless there are compelling circumstances. That would tighten things up for Colorado. 

Terry Quinn

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