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Letter: Taxpayers should have had say on barn move

While not a resident of Avon, it’s obvious that the idea to relocate the Hahnewald barn is a desired want instead of a hard-and-fast community need. Capital planning and expenditures for a local government (unless an emergency) should have gone through a process and be supported by the community.

This was not the case with this Town Council decision, even though the future use of the site has been known for years. It is doubtful if the capital and operational expenditures on the relocation, rehabilitation and operations of this building (which will run into the millions of dollars and be an ongoing tax expense for years) would get a very high priority when stacked against the numerous community needs Avon undoubtedly has. There is never enough public money for all projects any government needs or wants to do. Only the highest priority and needed and/or desired capital projects should ever be funded by a local government.

Projects of this magnitude should have been vetted and voted on before millions of dollars were spent. The public policy decision-making process for Avon needs to be recalibrated. This same problem occurred with the outdoor public stage in Avon and its significant cost overruns by the millions several years ago.

Charlie Wick


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