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Letter: Tell Cory Gardner to protect Colorado’s future

The future is looking grim. Coastal cities are already experiencing the effects of rising sea levels, Houston has “100-year” floods annually, and each summer seems to set heat records for Colorado. Studies predict there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, and just two summers ago the Eagle River had a fishing closure from high water temperature.

My wife and I would like to have children someday, and while we work to ensure their economic future, I am increasingly worried about what kind of environmental future they will inherit. I am trying to do my part to reduce my environmental footprint; I recycle, I eat mostly vegetarian, carpool, fly less and avoid disposable plastic like the plague. While I know these efforts help, I realize that they pale in comparison to the impact my vote has. 

Our politicians make decisions that can immediately and drastically change our environmental landscape. A perfect example is the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act currently in the U.S. Senate. The bill seeks to federally protect around 400,000 acres of land in Colorado and would help dramatically counteract our current way of living. If we want to leave any kind of legacy for the next generation, we need to protect as much of our wild ecosystems as possible.

We need Sen. Cory Gardner to support this bill and garner bipartisan support in the Senate. Please ask Gardner (303-391-5777) to do the right thing and represent the best interests of our state. Protection of our precious wildlife can and should be a bipartisan issue. I sincerely hope we can trust Sen. Gardner to think long term about our future, Colorado’s future, and the future of our planet.    

Greg Keogh

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