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Letter: Tell our state leaders to stand up for wildlife

Coloradans are fortunate to live in a state with spectacular outdoor opportunities. From stunning vistas with clean air and clear flowing rivers to outdoor recreation opportunities including hiking and backpacking, wildlife viewing, hunting and fishing, among many more, residents and tourists alike revel in all our state has to offer.  

By protecting these special places and the species who live there, Colorado and Eagle County will continue to see a growing economy. Our state’s wildlife promotes tourism, outdoor recreation and excellent hunting and fishing opportunities, all of which bring money to state coffers. Wildlife migration corridors and riparian areas are under threat from growing human populations, but if we act now, we can save these habitats and protect the species who call our state home.  

Through partnerships with state agencies, private landowners and others, maintaining migration corridors and the riparian areas and waterways the animals rely upon can and will happen. As citizens, we need to raise our voices about the high priority this issue holds for us. Please support and encourage our state leaders to protect Colorado’s wildlife migration corridors and riparian areas in order to preserve the unique outdoor experience that makes Colorado what it is today for generations to come.

Scott Willoughby


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