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Letter: Telling the truth applies to all; that’s how we ended up with Trump

I read Jack Van Ens column regarding Presidential Half Truths and President Trump. I noted the opening sentence — ”Telling the truth reveals strong, moral personal character.” The article went on to blast the current president for his “false and misleading claims” and “fabrications.” Perhaps I missed his earlier column about former President Obama on the same subject.

Did not President Obama tell the nation “If you like your doctor or health care provider, you can keep it”? That was stated many, many times — absolutely not true — as we all have learned. On George Stephanopoulos’ TV show, President Obama smiled and assured us several times and under close questioning that the individual mandate was not a tax — and then had his lawyers testify before the Supreme Court that this was to be implemented under the the government’s taxation policy. I could go on and on.

I find this selective outrage very disappointing. To the disbelief of many liberals, Donald Trump won the presidency fair and square. And they can’t get over it. As good citizens, we should try to be honest brokers and play it straight with the facts. This kind of selective ethics among the so-called elites is what created President Trump. Get over it.

Richard Landy


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