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Letter: Thank you, Dr. Eck

I wanted to take a moment to both thank and join the Vail community to honor Dr. Jack Eck for all that he has done and for the legacy he has created for the Vail Valley Medical Center — now Vail Health.

People like Jack and our early pioneers and leaders have created an amazing health care system that rivals that of any community worldwide. His work with Thelma and Gordon Britain in raising funds in the early days up to the creation of the Shaw Cancer Center and Jack’s Place and now the new hospital is both inspiring and humbling. Then and now, he and they set the bar and we all benefit from that standard of excellence.

Jack is retiring at the beginning of 2021. His presence will be part of the mountain, the town and countless enduringly grateful families for generations to come.

To Jack, his fraternal ski patrol teams and to all of the health care professionals and first responders who epitomize his humble and giving values, we thank you and wish you the best — now and always.

Thank you, Jack Eck.

Pat Peeples

Eagle County

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