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Letter: Thank you for supporting Eagle River Fire

We now know the results of Eagle River Fire’s ballot question — Issue A.  Put simply, we could not feel more grateful for your support. The passage of Issue A stabilizes the fire district’s revenue, allowing it to continue responding as it has to fires, vehicle crashes, and medical emergencies, many of which occur simultaneously and at increasing rates. 

We recognize the choice that your approval of Issue A represents. Amid a worldwide pandemic and the risk it causes to the community’s health and financial well-being, you have chosen to ensure critical funding for your local fire department. In so doing, you have helped ERFPD maintain its current level and quality of response, provide critical personal protective equipment for its firefighters, and meet the emergency response needs of a growing community.

Your support heartens the men and women of Eagle River Fire. It inspires and invigorates us; and, it reminds us of the trust you have in our commitment to the district’s motto: Ready to Serve.

Karl Bauer, Fire Chief, Eagle River Fire Protection District

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